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O’Connor Swale Partners (OSP) was formed to provide a range of Intellectual Property Rights services to Corporate and Personal clients. With more than 45 years combined global experience in the fields of SOFTWARE AUDITING, LICENSE COMPLIANCE & SOFTWARE PIRACY, OSP are perfectly placed to provide guidance and direction on how to support and protect your Rights.

Now, in association with ECIJA Law Firm and their Brand Watch monitoring tool, we now provide a range of bespoke services to protects clients NAME, BRAND and REPUTATION ONLINE.

Kieran A. O' Connor

kieran a o connorKieran A. O’Connor (B.C.L. Solicitor) is a highly experienced Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) lawyer, who for the past 18 years has worked as Counsel for the major software publishers and US film industry. He read Law (B.C.L.) in University College, Cork, qualified as a Solicitor in the Republic of Ireland in 1991 and set up his own Dublin-based legal practice in 1993. From 1991-2000, Kieran was also Counsel for the Irish National Federation against Copyright Theft (INFACT) for the various members of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and its various members including Warner Brothers Inc, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc, and Columbia Pictures Inc. and as a result was involved in their Copyright enforcement on a nationwide basis.

Since 1995, he has been Outside Counsel for Copyright and Trademark issues for the Business Software Alliance (BSA) – with members including Microsoft Corporation, Adobe Systems Inc. and Autodesk Inc. He has also represented several of these companies as independent Outside Counsel for a number of years.

He has a Team of Technical Audit Experts, recognised by all Irish Courts and approaches these from a technological, legal and practical perspective. He has conducted hundreds of Software Audits both on and off site of end-users / resellers, including very large corporations, leading to the recovery of significant ‘lost’ revenues for the copyright and trademark owners.

Kieran is an acknowledged Expert by the European Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy in relation to Injunctions in Intellectual Property Rights and Damages in Intellectual Property Rights. He was instrumental in the drafting of the Copyright and Related Rights Act of 2000, in particular in relation to the penal. This was generally recognised as groundbreaking legislation and indeed has been copied in many jurisdictions.  He continues to advise the BSA and individual Software Publishers on IPR matters as it pertains to copyright and trademark infringement in Ireland.

Simon Swale

simon swale - o connor swale partnersSimon is a renowned expert in the field of Anti-Piracy & Anti-Counterfeiting. With experience from both the public and private sectors, he has brought those skills to bear in some of the world’s most demanding environments when it comes to protecting Intellectual Property Rights.

Formerly with Novell & Microsoft in the multinational software industry, he has worked closely with the following organisations: Interpol, World Customs Organisation (WCO), NCIS (UK), and also National and Regional law enforcement Europe, the Middle East & Africa.

Instrumental in the establishment of the first corporate Internet Investigation Unit outside of the USA, he also developed the Novell NetWare Audit Compliance Program which was piloted in Ireland in 1999, before being established globally with astonishing rewards.

In 2003, he established an EMEA-wide Security Consultancy operation, primarily focussed on managing IPR risks for corporate clients and continued to provide IPR and Anti-Piracy training to Law Enforcement on behalf of WIPO, the World Customs Organisation (WCO) and other global bodies.

In May 2012, Simon was appointed as a manager of the Social Media Security Monitoring Team for the London Olympics. He now brings this latest experience to bear with OSP and the collaboration with ECIJA Brand Watch

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