ECIJA Brand Watch - Case Studies

ecija law firmAs an international law firm specialising in the field of Brand Protection and Reputation Management, in 2013 Ecija Brand Watch handled OVER 30,000 Brand "Abuse" - related incidents online.


 Business Sector: Multinational Large Industrial



1) Service Provided: On line Reputation Management

2) Situation: New client referred by in-house corporate legal team following a series of negative messages placed on high profile industry discussion group and blog sites. Messages and comments related to unfounded technical flaws in a significant piece of auto engineering. This was leaking into national media and Press Relations team having to divert attention from current key marketing campaign to address enquiries.

3) Action taken: EB-W met with client and discussed corporate needs and desired outcome. This was to a) identify the source of the messages b) take immediate administrative action to remove the comments and c) help direct internal PR to place counter positive messages into the most appropriate online locations.

Web surveillance was immediately undertaken to detect and handle the negative reference against this company at social networks, blogs and web sites.

4) Result: This service, in connection with direct legal remedies including a series of take down notices and action against identified persons (two disgruntled former senior Executives) within 48 hours, was able to quickly and effectively manage the attacks on the reputation of this company. This ensured no additional focus was lost in the current product launch and the company was able to gain significant public and industry credibility.



 Business Sector: Multinational Large Industrial


Major IBEX35 company in Spain. Ferrovial is the world's leading private investor in transportation infrastructure, with a workforce of approximately 57,000 employees and operations in more than 25 countries. The Company manages key assets such as Canada's 407 ETR Highway and London's Heathrow Airport. Also provides municipal services to more than 800 cities and towns in Spain and Madrid Metro system and maintenance services to hundreds of kilometres of streets and highways in the UK.

1) Service Provided: On line Reputation Management

2) Situation: Existing general legal client whose senior management team were suffering a series of personal online attacks on various online platforms. The messages and comments were of an abusive and aggressive nature and consideration had been given to refer the matter to law enforcement, however there were concerns that local authorities would not be able to manage the problem expeditiously. Additionally, the company did not want the matter to continue into a protracted court process.

3) Action taken: EB-W met with client and discussed needs and desired outcome. This was to quickly a) identify the source of the messages and b) take immediate administrative action to remove the comments.

Web surveillance was undertaken to detect the source of the comments which had been posted on a variety of social networks, blogs and web sites.

4) Result: Within 3 days, the source of the messaging was identified and traced to a senior manager within an international competitor, whose company had recently lost out on a significant contract to the client. His actions had been undertaken without the knowledge of the CEO and they undertook to deal with the individual internally and placed a number of highly visible press retractions.




Business Sector: National Media
Main producer of media content in Spain, creating TV programs and series, theatre plays, music production and festivals.
1) Service Provided: Brand Protection / Anti-Piracy.

2) Situation: Existing legal corporate client, suffering significant content infringement, incl. online distribution of TV series.

3) Action taken: EB-W undertook ongoing general web-surveillance to identify, detect and take down IP-infringing sites, removing content and disrupting the illegal distribution of merchandise.

4) Result: 4 sites identified which were linked to organised crime groups. Liaison undertaken with ISP’s and take down notices successfully served. Evidence was seized technically by ECIJA investigators and passed to law enforcement. This then formed part of a far larger international criminal investigation.



Business Sector: Multinational Pharmaceutical
Following an approach by the Spanish Pharmaceutical Association in late 2013, ECIJA BRAND-WATCH adapted the tool for ‘Pharmacovigilance’ purposes and now offer it to all Pharmaceutical companies.

All EU pharmaceutical companies are forced to detect any potential adverse health effects for Consumers, as result of the use or consumption of their medicines. They then need to report it to the National Authority on Medicines and Pharmaceutical products. Our tool can be used to quickly find and filter any adverse comments being made at any Internet location. The tool is also used to directly report incidents to the National Authority.

This service was launched in January 2014 and to date ECIJA support 4 multinational pharmaceutical companies in relation to product comments and complaints within Spanish online sites.