Unlicenced Software - Licence Compliance

As a creator and publisher of bespoke business or recreational software, you will be only too well aware of the investment cost made to develop, manufacture, market and distribute those products. Knowing where your software is installed thereafter is the key to driving and maintaining your business. Software piracy of your products will financially inhibit your companies’ development – and from global statistics and our corporate experience, we would be confident that your company is at risk. In fact, even in the best run of organisations, there can be up to a 20% discrepancy between purchased and installed licenses. And that can be through poor software license management alone, rather than any deliberate attemptto defraud the publisher. We are certain, both from direct knowledge and also anecdotal evidence, that in the economic climate that has persisted for the past 6 years, software piracy and licence non-compliance levels in Ireland and around the World have increased substantially. The question for you and your organisation is: How do I/we effectively manage this risk without incurring high costs ourselves and without damaging business relationships with our resellers and customers? O’Connor Swale Partners (OSP) provides a range of bespoke solutions specifically to address these concerns. Our proven “No Win – No Fee” model is being adopted by some of the largest global software companies. Simply put, this means that your organisation only incurs costs when Compliance issues are identified and settlement terms put in place. This will represent a % of the total Settlement figure as previously agreed between OCS Partners and your company. And to emphasise, we work closely to your instructions, focussing only on those targets that you identify and protecting your organisations business interests at all times. Based in the Republic of Ireland and with a particular understanding of that market, with a combined 40 years experience in the global software industry and a recognised network of experienced anti-piracy professionals, OSP are able to effectively manage Compliance throughout the EMEA region and beyond. For more information or to discuss your organisations particular requirements, please... CONTACT US