Reputation Management

& Brand Protection

Unfortunately nowadays in the Digital Age....outdated, misleading or inaccurate information ONLINE about you or your business will damage Your NAME, BRAND and REPUTATION.

Unfortunately we are all at risk whether we be a business, corporation or an individual. 

♦ COMPETITORS use the perceived anonymity of posting ONLINE to attack your business and gain advantage

♦ Potential EMPLOYERS undertake detailed ONLINE vetting of candidates.

♦ Inappropriate Social Media comments, no matter how historic, can be visible and might have a negative impact on your suitability for a new role – and will certainly form part of any application for positions requiring enhanced VETTING.

Licence Compliance & Software Piracy

Software piracy of your products will financially inhibit your companies’ development – and unfortunately it is often difficult for many businesses to implement a solution.

The question for you and your organisation is: How do I/we effectively manage this risk without incurring high costs.

O’Connor Swale Partners (OSP) provides a range of bespoke solutions specifically to address these concerns. Our proven “No Win – No Fee” model is being adopted by some of the largest global software companies.