Protecting Your Brand & Your Reputation

Your Online Reputation Matters!

♦ Potential CUSTOMERS research ONLINE before they do business!

♦ Outdated, misleading or inaccurate information ONLINE about you or your business will damage Your NAME, BRAND and REPUTATION.

♦ COMPETITORS use the perceived anonymity of posting ONLINE to attack your business and gain advantage

♦ Potential EMPLOYERS undertake detailed ONLINE vetting of candidates.

♦ Inappropriate Social Media comments, no matter how historic, can be visible and might have a negative impact on your suitability for a new role – and will certainly form part of any application for positions requiring enhanced VETTING.

♦ Can you afford not to monitor what’s being said about you and your Brand Online?

CONTACT US discover HOW we can help: Find those comments and references, provide guidance as to the risk to NAME, BRAND and REPUTATION and also manage any agreed corrective measures.